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About us

Agency, creative team of consultants, reliable advisors

Odyseja is an agency offering extensive communication support. Our office is located in the very heart of the amazing city of Warsaw. We created our company in 2014 because we felt the need to combine the corporate order and high standards with energy and creativity that is characteristic for independent teams of people who are passionate about their work.

Our start and first years of activity were possible thanks to cooperation based on trust of our clients who challenged us with more and more ambitious projects. That is how we have developed from the public relations agency to the team of advisors who successfully create new products and launch them on the market, offering extensive marketing communication.

Who are we

We are a team of people who are passionate about communication. Our values include youth, not the one that is associated with the date of birth, enthusiasm and ambition. Life is too short to spend it on boring things and competitors never sleep, that is why we are constantly looking for new solutions for ourselves and our clients. Every day we set our goals higher and we engage all our skills to provide commercial success of our clients’ businesses.

How do we work

Our recipe for a successful project includes detailed analysis, outstanding strategy and effective execution. We do not overestimate or ignore the importance of any of those stages. We have a cooperation network with technological partners who support us in promotional activities for our customers online, in mobile channels and social media.

Awards and distinctions

Golden Arrow

We were honoured with the distinction in the Open Category of Golden Arrow Direct Marketing Competition for effectiveness and innovation of marketing communication tools applied in the campaign “Poczuj ZEW” for the ZEW for men brand, prepared and executed by Odyseja in 2015.

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We were honoured with the distinction in the Event Category of Kreatura 2018, the competition on independent creation in advertising, for the project of “ZEW się budzi” Festival, prepared and executed for the brand of natural male cosmetics ZEW for men.

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