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Strategic communication consulting cut out for your needs and possibilities

Public relations

We plan and execute PR campaigns (B2C, B2B).


We create and launch new brands on the market.


We advise on communication with Y Generation.

Communication Strategy

We prepare communication strategies for brands and companies.

Energy, creativity and passion

We are a team of people who are passionate about communication. Our values include youth, not the one that is associated with the date of birth, enthusiasm and ambition. Life is too short to spend it on boring things and competitors never sleep, that is why we are constantly looking for new solutions for ourselves and our clients.

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Why us?

Our recipe for a successful project includes detailed analysis, outstanding strategy and effective execution. We do not overestimate or ignore the importance of any stage of the client’s project we are responsible for.

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References from our clients

Odyseja created our brand, ZEW for men, and launched it successfully on the market in 2015. Since then, they have been our trustworthy partner who carries out the whole spectrum of communication actions comprehensively and with full engagement. For me, three words which best describe Odyseja team are: creativity, creativity and creativity. Effectiveness of their work is confirmed by the success of ZEW for men and all awards and distinctions our brand has been granted.
Andrzej Szafranowski
Owner of ZEW for men
ProKarton Foundation has been cooperating with Odyseja since 2014. Throughout all these years the Agency has been supporting the Foundation in terms of conducting educational activities, including an educational programme for primary schools “Zielona Szkoła Pana Kartona” (“Green School of Mr. Carton”) and events dedicated to older teenagers and adults. Odyseja is also responsible for communication about the Foundation in social media (Facebook, Twitter), trade and daily press. The Agency’s cooperation with the Foundation means that the team must be competent not only in communication but also in the area of packaging industry, selective packaging waste collection and recycling, and they have learnt all that very quickly. At work they are professional, engaged and flexible; this makes our cooperation more successful in terms of reaching the goals within the defined PR strategy and communication. It allows us to constantly upgrade the society’s awareness on package recycling and its importance for environment./blockquote>
Jan Jasiński
President of ProKarton Foundation
The concept of “ZEW się budzi” Festival was created by Odyseja team at the beginning of our cooperation on the ZEW for men brand; from the very first moment we knew it was a great idea. We just waited for the right time to make this concept come true. In 2017 we decided that we were organisationally and financially ready to do that. Odyseja accepted the challenge and promoted the Festival at relatively short time and with limited budget. What I valued most was their expertise on communication, experience, creativity and ability to manage the project under pressure of time. We trusted them and we were right; the first edition of the Festival was a great success and that is why we continue our cooperation on the second edition of this event.
Andrzej Szafranowski
Właściciel of ZEW for men, initiator of “ZEW się budzi” Festival
Odyseja has been managing public relations and press office for Quick Service Logistics Polska for three years. Every year of cooperation brings greater effectiveness resulting from the team’s engagement, knowledge, creativity and business realism. For me, three terms that describe Odyseja most accurately are: professionalism, top quality of work and understanding of the customer’s needs.
Agnieszka Sałek
Commercial Director of Quick Service Logistics Polska