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ZEW się budzi Festival. Break free from your chores and come to the Bieszczady Mountains!


The concept of the Festival was created by Odyseja for ZEW for men and is a reflection of the brand’s key values: intransigence, strength, life on own terms and self-confidence. The greatest challenge of this campaign was to build awareness of this event within short period of time and publicise it in both traditional and social media, as well as to get through with the communication on a very competitive market of music events with the long-standing reputation, strong line-ups and experienced organisers. Another challenge was to promote online sale of tickets and obtain attendance of minimum three thousand participants.


Odyseja’s concept for ZEW się budzi Festival (The Call of Nature is Awakening) was to make it the first event of that kind that takes place in the Bieszczady Mountains and starts at dawn. When creating the concept for communication we used associations with wild nature of the Mountains, awakening and dawn. A roaring bear became a symbol of the Festival.


Actions taken by Odyseja included: creating the concept of the event, branding (positioning, creating an outstanding element on the market of Festivals and its identification, i.e. name, logo, key visual and poster), preparing and executing the communication plan (including building Festival image and promotion of ticket sale), gaining partners and media patrons, current communication and marketing support in all aspects of Festival promotion.


During the campaign PR actions resulted in over 340 publications with total range of 67 million and the Festival website www.zewsiebudzi.pl was visited by over 250,000 users. Event fanpage on Facebook had gathered over 8,000 people before the Festival and Instagram had been visited by over 11,000 users.
The Festival was very positively received by participants, invited bands and media, therefore, the customer made the decision to organise the second edition of the event in May 2019. Currently we are working on that project.


We were honoured with the distinction in the Event Category of Kreatura 2018, the competition on independent creation in advertising, for the project of “ZEW się budzi” Festival, prepared and executed for the brand of natural male cosmetics ZEW for men.

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