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Creating the ZEW for men brand and launching it on the market in the campaign “Poczuj ZEW”


The investor asked Odyseja to create the brand of cosmetics and coordinate its launch on the Polish market. The Agency was responsible for: defining the target group, market niche, positioning, USP, coordinating preparation of the brand design, logo, name and packaging, creating the extensive strategy of launching the product on the market, concept and action plan regarding promotion, image and social media, comprehensive coordination of market launch in terms of communication and sales support.


We designed the new brand of natural cosmetics for men, ZEW for men, and we based the communication about the brand on an original active ingredient: charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains. Name, positioning, visual communication, selection of channels and activities – all this allowed the ZEW for men brand to develop a strong, engaging experience deeply rooted in a world of men’s nature.


Within a year, Odyseja created the brand ZEW for men and its communication channels (www, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest); this was the result of close cooperation with the customer and a graphic studio. Launching the brand on the market was supported by the brand ambassador, blogger Kamil Pawelski (Ekskluzywny Menel). The brand was presented to the press in the Bieszczady Mountains during press conference. The brand communication was supported by an image video and a photo session with the ambassador.


Thanks to unique products, outstanding positioning and coherent marketing communication, the brand was enthusiastically accepted by consumers, media and opinion leaders. During the campaign supporting market launch of the brand, there were 192 press releases about ZEW for men; they reached 25 million Polish consumers.


Distinction in Golden Arrow Competition 2016 for effectiveness and innovation of marketing communication tools applied in the campaign “Poczuj ZEW”.

Awards for brands and products

Łódź Design Festival 2016 – distinction for ZEW for men Bearded Man’s Set for a unique design of products in the “must have!” contest.
Gamour Glammies 2016 – for ZEW for men face and body soaps in the category “Best and Most Popular Male Cosmetics”.
Product of the Year 2017  – for soap 3 in 1 as best innovation in Men’s Health Competition.
Product of the Year 2017 – for ZEW for men beard brush as best gadget in Men’s Health Competition.

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